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How to Select a Theme For Your Wedding

Not every couple decides to have a themed wedding, but many that do think it is one way to make the planning of their wedding more fun, and even take some of the pressure off. When you decide to have a themed wedding, you will want to make sure everything matches your theme, from clothing, to decorations, and even to food. Having a theme makes matching everything up easier and faster, especially given that many wedding consultants are well versed in themed weddings and will know what vendors carry what you are looking for.

But how do you choose a theme for your wedding? Here are some ideas.

  1. A cultural theme. If either you or your beloved identify strongly with a particular culture, say one of you is Greek or American Indian for example. Then you could plan your wedding around a Greek or American Indian theme. You could choose to be married in the traditional clothing from your culture, have food from your culture for the wedding reception meal and so on. If you aren't sure about what constitutes something as being from whatever culture you've chosen, there are bound to be relatives who can advise you. If not, then there is always the library and the internet.
  2. A fantasy theme. This can cover everything from faeries to comic book heros. This one may require some imagination, but maybe your beloved collects faeries for example, then it might be nice to incorporate that theme into your wedding. Or maybe your beloved collects superman comic books. If this is the case you might want to incorporate this as a theme into your wedding. All it requires to do a fantasy theme is looking at the things you and your beloved enjoy that has to do with the fantastical, and you could come up with a very nice theme for your wedding.
  3. A movie theme. Who hasn't imagined themselves as their favorite movie character? If you say you never have most won't believe you. A really good movie promotes this by pulling you in, and helping you to empathize with the characters. It's only natural to take it the next step further and ask the big "what if?" question. Maybe both of you are Tolkien fans and loved all of the Lord of the Ring movies, if so then why not incorporate this as your theme? It can be a fun way to involve everyone in your wedding. Of course you can go with any movie you like.
  4. A historical theme. Perhaps you and your beloved are history buffs, if so then you might like to choose your favorite time in history and use that as the theme for your wedding. Maybe you're especially fond of the Regency period, that period in history from 1795-1825 where it was the fashion for women to wear high waisted gowns and men to wear cravats, and carry jeweled snuff boxes. Or maybe the Victorian period is for you. Either way whatever period in history you choose, using a historical theme is one way to make sure you and your guests never forget your wedding day!
  5. A fairytale theme. This is probably one of the more common wedding themes, as brides are fond of remembering their favorite fairytales such as Cinderella, and Snow White, both of whom get to marry their handsome princes at the end. You too can choose to have a fairytale theme for your wedding, but you aren't limited to a common fairytale theme. If you want to do something different, there is nothing stopping you and your beloved from doing a thorough search of fairytales, legends and folklore from various cultures and choosing one that you and your beloved feel best expresses each of you, and then using this as your theme. However, if it is one that most people wouldn't be aware of, make sure you educate your wedding party so they are up to the task of following the theme you have chosen.

There are many ways that you can select a theme for your wedding, including simply going online and seeing what other couples have done. However, finding a unique theme is often more fun, and makes for a more memorable wedding than say one that hundreds of couples have already done and that most likely at least a few of your guests have already participated in. Instead why not take a look at the above list for ideas and then use your imagination to come up with a really unique theme? Years from now when you are looking through your wedding pictures and reminiscing, you will be very glad you did!

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