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Making your fantasy wedding a reality isn't as difficult - or as expensive - as you might think. The advantage of a destination wedding is that it's more like taking a mini-vacation with your closest friends and family. Instead of one whirlwind night you can have several relaxing days and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest.

The first item you need to go over with your fiance and family is the budget, then the destination. You do not want your guests to fly from the East Coast to Hawaii for 3 or 4 nights to attend your destination wedding. You can always have a wedding closer then fly out to Hawaii for your honeymoon.

Lindsay Wendt-Sheikh the President of the Destination Wedding Association ( and the owner of Weddings on the go! ( this advise to all clients. "When you look for a destination, yes you might have to compromise if you want your guests to attend, but that does not mean you need to compromise for a honeymoon. Try to plan a destination wedding were your guests do not travel for more then an hour over the amount of nights they want to spend. A general rule is when there is snow on the ground and you are going somewhere warm, your guests are likely going to travel for 7 nights, however between Easter and Christmas that changes. The majority during that time will be your 3 or 4 nights. Last year a May wedding who truly wanted Italy had their destination wedding in Dominican Republic, then the day after the wedding flew to Miami and over to Italy for their honeymoon. Always keep in mind your guests traveling."

Then once you have a general area or a few destinations in mind contact a Certified Destination Wedding Consultant who can help you with both your travel and wedding planning. They will go over the legal requirements, travel times and wedding planning details with you before for each request before you even confirm the date and venue. A Certified Destination Wedding Consultant is valuable because they look at all sides to your wedding, the travel to get you and your guests there, prices and what is offered at the resort or venue to fit your destination wedding dreams. Do not be fooled by others out there that only "setup your wedding ceremony" because what that truly means is that they will confirm the date and time with the resort or venue then send you to that resort or venue to fend for yourself. A Certified Destination Wedding Consultant has to adhere to very strict rules to become one and to stay one. You can find one by asking the Destination Wedding Association.

Legal Civil Marriage Requirements

With United States citizens you must have a legal civil ceremony outside of the United States. You do not have to file any documentation with your local government. However you must make sure that you request a Certified Marriage Certificate from an international destination for your own personal files. If you are getting married in a country were English is not spoken then it is highly suggested that you obtain a Certificate Marriage Certificate in both the native language and English.

Passports are required if you are getting married in another country or state. The passport is now required for any travel outside of the United States, please make sure to apply once you have confirmed your wedding date. In some countries you will be required to provide copies of your passport to be sent to the destination no later then 60 days prior to the wedding date, otherwise late fees well over $500 for both the passport department and resort or venue.

The marriage license can be tricky, especially in foreign countries. Contact the local government and request permission to be married in their location. Some destinations require blood tests, immunizations, or doctor's certificates in order for you to marry legally. Find out as much as possible in advance. Some countries have unusual requirements such as an established residency by being in the country for several days prior to the wedding ceremony date, original birth certificates, a waiting period, blood test that has to be performed at the destination, a doctor's exam at the destination or a required number of witnesses.

If you do not want to have a Civil Wedding Ceremony due to the requirements then ask about a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony. This is handle just like a Civil Ceremony, however it is not legally binding anywhere. What couples will do is go to the local court house either before or after the wedding and sign the documents. In some counties or states you have to appear to a Justice of the Peace or a Judge. What the couple will do is have their wedding ceremony and personalized vows at the destination of their choice.



Country Requirements

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